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Tranzission is the name for quality training transforming education into practical learning. Tranzission is a brainchild of experts with over three decades of standing and experience in the field of corporate training and expert consultancy. Tranzission offers training and learning solutions for corporate directors, insolvency professionals, insolvency professional aspirants through virtual classroom, brick and mortar classroom and e-learning. Tranzission has successfully ventured into publication and online testing business offering best seller books on the professional subjects from celebrated authors and online testing. Tranzission operates on a global platform. Life gets better with Tranzission.


Providing excellent training programs and imparting education which meets the needs of learners and companies, delivered by highly competent experts.


To make Tranzission a dynamic, vibrant, value based learning organization to facilitate seamless transformation of our participants to excellent performers.

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Key Take Aways

  • Expert Faculty to facilitate learning
  • Comprehensive coverage of syllabus
  • Quick tips to reinforce learning and enhance memory skills
  • Understanding complex legal provisions with simplicity
  • Includes 1 Full Online Practice Exam worth Rs. 899/-

New Arrivals

Analysis of Cases for Limited Insolvency Examination – Second Edition

The first edition of the book titled “Analysis of Cases for Limited Insolvency Examination”was very well received by the aspirants of Limited Insolvency Examinations and Insolvency Professionals. The second edition is a thoroughly revised one with finer and sharper case analysis.

Key Features

  • Guide for quick understanding of the Case Laws under IBC.
  • Case analysis of over 80 cases in a simplified manner.
  • Summary of cases in a tabular format for easy memory and            better recall.
  • 20 revisionary exercises uniquely designed to help aspirants for remembering   the case laws with reference to the issues and the decisions therein.
  • 200 Multiple Choice Questions based on the case analysis.
  • 10 practice exams to reinforce your knowledge and help you crack the examination.
  • 1 Free Online Case Analysis Practice Exam.


Tranzission today publishes across a range of subjects like Insolvency and Bankruptcy Laws and Corporate Laws. The book titled “Analysis of Cases for Limited Insolvency Examination” published by Tranzission is a best seller. The first edition of the book was very well received by the aspirants of Limited Insolvency Examination and Insolvency Professionals. The Second Edition of the book is a thoroughly revised one with finer and sharper case analysis.


The online practice exams are the need of the hour. Tranzission offers unique preparatory support for the aspirants of Limited Insolvency Exam through its bouquet of online practice exams mapped to the objectives of the real Limited Insolvency Exam. The practice exams help the aspirants identifying their weak areas. This helps candidates to direct their learning to areas needing improvement and spend minimal precious time on the topics they know well. More such practice exams are in the offing.

Our Courses

Tranzission offers specialized training programs and e-learning programs in insolvency and bankruptcy laws, corporate laws, corporate governance, role of directors, compliance issues and other allied matters. These courses have been designed uniquely with some courses offering learning at your pace.


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