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Super Director

The signature Super Directors Course is designed to enable the participants to acquaint themselves with governance and compliance rules. The focus is on application of knowledge into real time situations. The experienced directors remain current with the Tranzission’s training programs. The renowned and top-notch faculties offer a focused insight into maze of rules and regulations.

  • Rich and Comprehensive Knowledge of Directors roles and responsibilities.
  • Deep understanding of duties and liabilities of Directors.
  • Learn Board of Directors best practices.
  • Building a Safety Net and Minimizing Liability.
  • Gain an overview of the knowledge and competencies expected from directors in today’s environment.

The Course Modules are designed to assist the directors and senior personnel to keep up-to-date with legal and regulatory changes, and for those who are newly appointed to their role and who need to get up to speed with their new responsibilities.

Overview of Companies Act, 2013 vis-à-vis Companies (Amendment) Act, 2018


It is significant that the directors must acquaint themselves with changes in the law that has changed the
rules of the game.

Role, Responsibilities, Duties and Powers of Directors


The Directors are not powerless. With power comes the duty failure of which leads to liability. It is
extremely important that the directors must understand their role in the company and the responsibilities it

Key Managerial Personnel


The top management shoulders the responsibility of the essential functions of the company. It is important
for such officers to understand their role, responsibility, powers, functions and liability towards the

Corporate Governance – Achieving the Pinnacle


Corporate Governance is not an empty slogan. It encompasses working in a righteous manner. Not
possessing the governance skills and not knowing the governance provisions will not lend itself to be an
excuse for infringement. The directors must possess deep knowledge and practical tips to govern.

Independent Directors


Companies Act, 2013 has laid emphasis on independence of directors by introducing fully the concept of
independent directors. It is essential that not only the independent directors learn about their role and
responsibility but also the executive and non-executive directors should know their relationship with the
independent directors.

Making Directors Financially Literate


Directors are bound to come across financial figures while performing their function as a director. It is
significant to understand and analyse company’s accounts and financial statements. The module enables
the directors to recognise red flags in the financial statements and ask questions that matter

Committees of the Board and its Function


The Board of Directors appoints the committees out of the Board of the Company. The board in order to
achieve effective monitoring or oversight of its functions delegates some responsibility to various
committees. The module enables the directors to get a wider understanding of the composition and
functions of such committees.

Corporate Social Responsibility, Board Skills and Communication


Skills are gained with experience. The experts at hand make available these experiences to create a skilful
board. The Companies Act 2013 has brought a new concept of mandatory Corporate Social Responsibility
linking it with sustainability.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Provisions
  • Developing skills as a Board member
  • Communicating dynamics within an organization
  • Strategy skills and board evaluation

Virtual Board Meeting


The learning is put into practice by essentially turning the classroom into a real time board room. The
agenda papers are circulated a day before and the ’directors’ hold a board meeting following good
corporate governance practices and take decisions in the best interest of the company.

Fraud Prevention and Risk Assessment/Management


The business activities of the company carry various internal and external risks. The module enables the
directors to build effective fraud prevention and risk management program/framework in a company.

  • Key Managerial Personnel

  • Independent Director

  • Nominee Director

  • Women Director

  • Non-Executive Director

  • Company Chairman

  • Promoters

  • Corporate Lawyers

₹ 6000.00(Rupees Six Thousand Only) + GST

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