SureShot IP - Allied Laws Module Starts From 24th April, 2024
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Know Your Trainer

Dr. Ashish Makhija

Dr. Ashish Makhija stands as a distinguished figure in the field of insolvency, wielding a profound influence that has helped shape the dynamic landscape of Insolvency Law. His dedication to disseminating knowledge shines through his roles as an educator, mentor, and guide for professionals seeking expertise in this field. His commitment to nurturing the next generation underscores his fervent passion for advancing the domain.
Participants admire Dr. Makhija’s distinctive delivery style, which adds a unique charm to his educational endeavors. Furthermore, his influence extends beyond the classroom through a rich portfolio of 14 best-selling books and meticulously researched articles.
Dr. Ashish Makhija’s legacy reflects the transformative potential of passion and expertise. His multifaceted contributions, spanning academia and professional practice, underscore his profound commitment to advancing legal domains. His impact resonates throughout the Insolvency Law community, earning him recognition as a luminary and a driving force for change in this crucial area of law.

What Our Alumni Says

The LIE seven days comprehensive course conducted by Tranzission and Mr. Ashish Makhija as Faculty was excellence at par. The kind of knowledge shared by Mr. Makhija was outstanding. He is a master teacher and has very good command on the subject with his vast experience of law practice. His deliberations of seven days have ignited fire to learn more about the IBC. The organisation and support by Team Tranzission is amazing.  Thanks a ton Tranzission for such a wonderful experience.

Parag Singhal

SureShot IP Participant

NCR, Delhi

I attended The Online Limited Exam Insolvency Classes by Tranzission and the classes greatly exceeded my expectations. As I’m a civil engineer I was somewhat not very comfortable when I enrolled for the program but the Tranzission faculty with his deep understanding of the subject made the whole experience very smooth and easy. I would highly recommend Tranzission to anyone who wants to become an insolvency Professional and is preparing for the LIE exam as the classes that I have taken have been extremely valuable and the faculty was full of knowledge.Also, the cooperation from team tranzission is very much appreciated

Arvind Agrawal

SureShot IP Participant


Sure Shot IP Course by Tranzission is the best course taken by best faculty Sh. Ashish Makhija who gives his lecture and strategy to pass IBBI Limited Insolvency Exam (LIE) in the way of extraordinary practical approach. I thank and appreciate the same and encourage the professionals to attend these classes. I got benefited and passed the LIE

CA Parveen Jain

SureShot IP Participant

New Delhi

It was wonderful experience attending classes.

Vipan Kumar

SureShot IP Participant

New Delhi

The 2 day intensive training program for limited insolvency exam conducted by tranzission helped me a lot to clear the limited insolvency examination.

CA Hanumantha Rao Udatha

SureShot IP Participant


Nice and Interactive Session organised by Tranzission! Gained good tips for passing Limited Insolvency Exam.

Navdeep Gupta

SureShot IP Participant

New Delhi

Analysis of Cases for Limited Insolvency Examination Book authored by Mr. Ashish Makhija is one of the most lucid academic book, I have ever read. Cases couldn’t have been explained in a better manner and then beautifully summarized in a manner better than this. Hats off to Mr. Ashish Makhija for making life easier for us. I hope more and more, IP aspirants benefit from this book.

Devendra Umrao

SureShot IP Participant

New Delhi

As per the guidance of Mr. Ashish Makhija I appeared for IBBI exam and passed the same in first attempt. “Analysis of Cases for Limited Insolvency Examination” published by Tranzission was extremely helpful for securing those marks. The strategy provided by Mr. Ashish Makhija further added to my knowledge base. Tranzission boosted my confidence

Gaurav Garg

SureShot IP Participant


Thank you so much Mr. Ashish Makhija for your wonderful and eye opening sessions which benefited me beyond words. I stuck to your advices and could make it. Thank you again from the core of my heart.

Purusottam Behera

SSIP & Master Class Participant


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