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We Create, We Innovate, We Lead – They Follow Us

Tranzission is a leader in learning management in IBC space. We innovate, disseminate focussed learning and provide enriching experience to our participants.

We created unique Master Classes for Insolvency Professionals and launched it recently with focus on qualitative learning – knowing more and more about less and less. In other words, we worked for imbibing excellence and expertise in a particular topic with innovative style during the Masterclass. We chose topics after thorough and deliberate discussion amongst our knowledge team and future topics were notified on our website –

Other Organizations are copying us and holding programs calling them as Master Classes. This has given strength to our belief that what we are doing is right. We love competition.

We are not stopping here and keep watching our website for many unique programs in IBC in future. We know we will be copied again. We will keep on innovating. We do not believe in following. We believe in continuous innovation.

We are here to serve Insolvency Professionals and the aspirants and we do so in every way we can – through quality programs with unique takeaways.

We thank our Alumni who have been a part of of our journey from excellence to notch above.

Join our Masterclasses and experience the difference! Visit